Office Removals

Moving office removals in London can mean a  loss of productivity as well as stress and disruption for staff.

With Andre Moves, such problems will not happen thanks to carefully considered movers, a good plan, and excellent IT moving. We will provide you with a experienced leader who’ll be  from the very start, guiding you and your stuff through every stage.

Making office removals Easy
Making office removals easy

One important part of successful office removal is that they be smooth, with a well thought-out timeline and good, logical lines of communication. We will ensure that everyone is kept informed of all details and that all necessary Health and Safety requirements are adhered to precisely.

Thanks to our clear briefing and easy-to-follow documents, by the day of your move, matters will have been undertaken in such a way that your staff can resume their own duties upon arrival at their new premises. To make this possible, we’re able to undertake the bulk of the moving over the course of a weekend.

Our office removal London services never wash their hands of you as soon as everything’s unpacked. We have telephone and in-person aftercare to keep your worries at bay.


With Andre Moves, we bring you 9 years of experience and expertise that we’ve accrued throughout our successful history. What sets us apart from the competition? We listen. Every move we undertake is based on a thorough and diligent assessment of how your business works and how we can move you while minimising the impact of the move. Office furniture, work stations, IT, equipment, files and documents – it is our pledge to you that all these and more will reach your new premises in exactly the same state that they left, allowing your business to function at full speed from day one.


Our in-house experts can oversee and manage business relocations of all shapes and sizes, encompassing everything from small businesses to national corporations. We can also arrange everything from ‘mirror-image’ moves, whereby your new space features a layout replicating as closely as possible the set-up of your former office, to wholly redesigned and refurbished relocations. And you can hand over all the responsibilities to us – we’ll look after relationships with contractors, all necessary planning and consultancy work, cost control and site management.



We can move you overnight or at weekends, thereby ensuring that your business doesn’t take an unnecessary hit. You can leave one fully-functioning office on Friday evening and arrive at another fully-functioning one on Monday morning, as though nothing has changed, everything in place and working the way you want it to work. Alternatively, if you’ve requested a complete workspace re-design to go along with your office relocation in London.

If you’ve got a quote from another company, let us know and we’ll try to beat it.

Our experts will work with you, taking into account your business plans and likely growth – we will help you find a self-storage option that integrates seamlessly with your business needs.

For Andre Moves, no job is too great or too small; we will extend the same degree of care and consideration to you whether you’re a small business with simple desktop relocation requirements or a large corporation that needs entire computer rooms and server rooms to be relocated.